The importance of family dinners

The importance of family dinners

Sitting down around the dinner table together may or may not be a regular habit in your family. If not, what’s the reason? Kids activities, busy work schedules, and TV time may be a few things getting in the way, but be sure to make sitting down with one another a priority. Preparing and eating dinner together encourages family bonding, creates a tradition, and instills an overall healthier lifestyle for your kids.

Family bonding

Encouraging everyone to gather around the dinner table allows you to open the lines of communication between you and your children. Utilise this time to ask how school, their peers, and other activities are going in their lives. Talking about their daily activities will encourage them to come to you with other issues, and create a healthy bond between you and your family.

Creates tradition

Eating around the dinner table on a regular basis will become more normal than not gathering together. Are some days of the week busier for your family than others? If so, make sure that you are preparing a family meal around the table on the days where it is possible to do so. These habits could stick with your family for years to come, and may be a tradition your children carry on. The benefits will be well worth the effort put in.

Healthier habits

Eating as a family increases the level of health of your family in many ways. Not only are you eating a home cooked meal versus eating out at a restaurant or dreaded fast food – you are encouraging healthy habits for your children, without even knowing. Eating family dinners regularly lowers the risk of obesity in kids and teens, but also encourages better grades and decreases the chances of getting caught up in drugs and alcohol.

Increasing the number of times each week your family has dinner together holds many benefits for both you and your children. Making it a priority will increase family bonding and build your relationship with your kids, create a tradition that will hold true for years to come, and will promote healthier and more positive outcomes for them.