Keep your child learning

Tips to keep your child learning during the holidays.

It’s summer time and the living is easy! But you probably noticed that’s when most children tend to fall behind in their schooling for the upcoming year. This “summer slide” refers to the way children can forget what they have learned during the previous school year over their year end break. We’re not just talking about the little things like knowing their country’s capital or how to write their name, but more important skills such as math and reading.

It’s easier than you think to fill your preschooler’s summer days with playful learning experiences. Here are four ways to keep your child developing, growing and learning all festive season long:

Get Creative

After a long school year, your child has earned a break from the typical weekly routine, so look for fun, creative ways to keep them learning without having to sit in a room most of the day. When it comes to something like maths, don’t just give your child a lecture then practice questions from a book. Instead, get your little one involved in math-related activities like cooking or baking. Doubling recipes require addition and multiplication, halving a recipe requires division and subtraction and a measuring cup gets you working with easy fractions. Have fun letting your child flex their math skills while also learning about food and nutrition!

Spend time outside

Spending plenty of time enjoying the outdoors is exactly what summer calls for, especially here in sunny South Africa! Encourage your child to spend time outside playing and exploring around your yard or at local parks. Outdoor play develops stronger immune systems, improves concentration and contributes to your child’s overall happiness. Who doesn’t want that? More than playtime, there are many ways that children can spend time outside while learning. Take your child on a picnic at a local park or even in your backyard and bring some books that you can read outside together. If your little one is curious about what kids of animals and plants are around, give them a book that helps them identify many different species.

Take trips

Field trips fascinate children during the school year, so keep up with that tradition throughout the summer. Going to museums and historical sites in your area can help your child learn about history, both local and beyond.

Let them socialize

Learning isn’t always about math and reading; learning how to socialize is also very important for children. Talk to other parents about setting up playdates where your child can spend time learning and playing with other children. Summer camps.schools provide a great opportunity for your child to socialize and try new things. Ask your little one about hobbies or activities they are interested in and see if there are any local summer camps tailored to their interests.