Tips on teaching your child to share.

Tips on teaching your child to share. Learning to share can be a challenge for younger children. Not only is sharing a skill they need for play and educational purposes throughout their childhood but it plays an important part in bonding with other children around them. Don’t worry Moms and Dads, teaching your child the…

Tips on how TV can be good for kids

Tips on how TV can be good for kids The following are guidelines from child experts that you can put into play to protect your child from the bad effects of TV, and perhaps use TV for their benefit instead: No TV for under twos The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend letting your…

Sensory-based food education

“Eat your veggies – they’re good for you!” Even if it gets a few bites of broccoli eaten in the moment, this tactic doesn’t usually inspire a lasting love of healthy food. In fact, it usually backfires; making children less likely to eat that broccoli when they see it again in the future.

The importance of friendship

Preschool is the age when children start to make friends and build relationships with their peers. We know that friendship is important during the early years because this is the time they learn about the ‘give and take’ of relationships.

Benefits of sensory play

Ages zero to five are the most important for a child’s development and so choosing the right activities for them is critical.In this article, we’ll take a look at why sensory play is essential for developing physical, social, cognitive and many other skills in preschoolers.