5 Valentine’s Day activities

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5 Valentine’s Day activities for preschoolers

This Valentine’s Day, get your preschoolers excited for arts, crafts and games with these fun Valentine’s Day ideas!

1. Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s cards for loved ones might seem simple enough, but craft supplies make Valentine’s Day art more exciting. Preschoolers can glue small pieces of red, white, and pink tissue to construction paper hearts. Macaroni, cereal, or beans can also be offered to encourage creativity. Dip sponges shaped like flowers, hearts, and stars into paint and make stencil art.

2. Cute Cereal Necklaces

What parent doesn’t love jewellery from their little one? Preschoolers can practice fine motor skills with yarn and any kind of loop cereal. Look for cereals with lots of color to make the best Valentine’s Day gifts. Froot Loops are a great, colourful choice for this activity!

3. Stealing Candy Hearts Game

This Valentine’s Day game works best with medium sized conversation hearts or small packets of the traditional sized ones. Gather kids into a group and pick one to have their heart stolen. Send that child out of the room or have them cover their eyes while the others pick a person to hide the candy heart. When the stolen heart player returns, they ask each player, “Did you steal my heart?” until the candy is found. The heart thief then becomes the next player to have their heart stolen. Repeat the round until each child has had a turn and received a candy heart!

4. Potted Flower Valentine’s Gift

This activity requires some time and planning, but it’s also a great opportunity to observe science and create something unique. Preschoolers gain sensory experience through handling potting soil, planting seeds, and watering. They practice patience while observing the growth process and, with the right timing, can have a lovely plant to give on Valentine’s Day!

5. Handprint Bouquet

All you need for this fun Valentine’s Day craft is construction paper, crayons, scissors, and wooden craft sticks. Preschoolers trace their hands on sheets of paper of several different colors and decorate them with sequins, stickers, etc. Next, help them cut out the hand tracings and glue each one to the top of a craft stick. From there, arrange the stick “flowers” into a bouquet and glue the craft sticks together at the base or directly onto another sheet of paper.