5 Signs Your Child is Gifted

5 Signs Your Child is Gifted

How many times have you been at home watching your child, thinking to yourself, “How’d you do that?” Many parents find themselves begging the question, “Am I looking at the next Einstein or Tesla or Mozart?” Kids are, by nature, inquisitive beings, and because of their quest for knowledge, it’s not hard to find genius in every child. However to be truly gifted is not the norm. There are many developmental signs that your child may truly be gifted.

Here are ten that you can check for in your own home:


Everything needs to have a purpose and everything needs to be perfect. To a gifted child, perfection is not a possibility, it is a must. A common way to check if your child is a perfectionist is to put their socks on awkwardly. This will drive a gifted child mad! How dare the line on their socks not go over their toes! They will refuse to put on shoes and seek to straighten their socks immediately.


Isn’t it cute when your child tells an elaborate story or draws a picture that looks like a bunch of colors on a paper, but to them is a brave knight slaying a dragon to save the princess? With a gifted child, there is never a dull moment. “Why did you grab that cookie when I told you not to touch it?” Your gifted child has an ability to make an ant mound into a mountain, and at times it is cute, but most of the time you find yourself just shaking your head.

Sense of Humour

All kids enjoy a good laugh, all people love a good laugh, “What did the right eye say to the left eye?…” “Between me and you, something smells!” A gifted child will laugh a little harder for a little longer at funny jokes; however, if they don’t find it funny, they won’t laugh. Gifted children understand what they believe as funny, and are comfortable laughing and carrying on the joke. Yet, they also know what they believe is not funny, and will not laugh for the sake of laughing with everyone else.

High Energy

Ok, so let me be clear when I say this… High Energy! This does not mean your child will run around constantly until they strike a wall, fall on their back, sleep for ten minutes and then get up and do the same over again. If your child has high energy, they can continue at one task for an extended period of time. They are not prone to tire, willing to have more focus for a longer period of time, not showing the regular, short attention span as their peers.


“No, you cannot wear that shirt today.” Never has an answer elicited so many tears as your child tries to explain to you their need for being able to wear the pink shirt with the Hello Kitty. Gifted children are extremely emotionally and can cry or fuss at the drop of a hat. A non-gifted child will get mad, a gifted child will become furious, and they will be happy to let you know that they are not pleased.

A common misconception with gifted children is that their giftedness only pertains to academia. In reality, there are multiple forms of intelligence, and your child may excel in one area more than in another area. Continue to motivate your child and stand behind them in all that they do. Let them know that you stand behind them and they are special to you no matter what!